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Introduction of electric scooters for elder people and electric scooters for the elderly
The old car, also known as the electric vehicle for the elderly, the old car for the aged and the help car for the aged, is an ideal vehicle for the elderly to travel in the outdoors. Its performance is relatively stable, the speed is slow, the use of electricity is not needed for refueling, so it is also called environmental protection old cars. There are many energy sources used in electric cars for the elderly, mainly lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid colloid batteries), nickel hydrogen batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel iron batteries, lithium ion batteries (often called lithium batteries), fuel cells and so on. The battery can directly convert chemical energy into electrical energy by electrochemical means. It is not thermomechanical, so it is not limited by the Kano cycle. It has high energy conversion efficiency (40-60%) and hardly produces NOx and SOx emissions.
At present, there are all kinds of so-called "geriatric cart" on the market, which not only confuses the audio-visual of the old friends, but also brings great security risks to the elderly and the disabled. All the governments have issued relevant policies and regulations in succession.
In strict sense, the real old electric step car should be evolved from the original electric wheelchair belonging to the medical equipment. The design of the product is more suitable for the old people and the disabled. Moreover, the population has expanded from the disabled people of the original electric wheelchair to the elderly who are inconvenient. The design and production of the product refer to the national standard of the national electric bicycle and the national standard of the electric wheelchair. In some parameters and even more stringent than the 2 national standards, the speed of the vehicle is designed to be within 10 kilometers per hour. The vehicle chassis height is at 8cm and the brake braking distance is within 0.5 meters, from all aspects. Yu Yuanxian's electric wheelchair is the evolution and upgrading of the electric wheelchair, which can meet the needs of the elderly friends and provide more comprehensive security.
The difference between the old and the electric and electric cars
Many electric car businesses call electric cars "elderly scooters" for the elderly. But in fact, the electric vehicle and the old scooter are completely different from the shape and safety system.
An electric car must have a license and a license plate on the road
Moreover, the old scooter does not need a license and driver's license on the road. The electric vehicle must have a licence and a driver's license on the road. Many businesses use electric vehicles as old age scooters to flicker to customers. As a result, old people buy cars and are caught by traffic police after they are on the road. So when buying a car, we must remember that electric cars are not old scooters.
Generally, the old scooter is composed of four parts, namely battery, electric wheel hub, controller, charger and car body. For the platform manufacturers with higher safety requirements, the whole design is carried out according to the design idea of the car. The whole vehicle is divided into the power supply system, the front bridge, the rear bridge, the controller, the frame and so on.
As the current cost of lithium is relatively high, the ordinary manufacturers use lead-acid batteries. Generally, a group of batteries are made up of multiple 12V batteries into battery groups, which are used as power supply systems. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the voltage of an electric car must not exceed 48V.
The motor hub is divided into: the brush and the toothed high-speed electric hub (for short, the high-speed motor or the sound motor), the toothless low speed electric hub (low speed motor or silent motor) and the brushless toothless program motor (for short the program motor);
The controller is classified into four types, full motion, intelligent, double control and non zero starting. The control system consists of the main controller, the instrument display, the speed regulating hand-on and the brake interruption. The main functions of the control system are stepless speed regulation, brake power break protection, undervoltage protection and over current protection. There are lotus plug type, ordinary computer plug type and special computer plug type. Classified according to charging performance to normal online maintenance charger and fast charging online maintenance charger. According to the charge voltage, it is classified into 24V, 36V and 48V.
Briefly speaking, the controller is composed of peripheral devices and main chips (or single chip computers). The peripheral devices are functional devices, such as execution, sampling, etc., they are resistors, sensors, bridge switching circuits, and devices that assist the single chip or special integrated circuits to complete the control process. The microcontroller also calls the microcontroller, which is the memory, the decoder, the sawtooth wave of the transform signal language on a piece of chip. A computer chip consisting of a generator and a pulse width modulation function circuit, which can make the switch circuit power pipe on or off, and control the power pipe through the square wave to control the drive circuit of the motor speed, the input and output ports and so on. This is the intelligent controller of the old electric car. It is a high-tech product that appears in the face of "fool".
The design quality and characteristics of the controller, the function of the microprocessor, the circuit of the power switch device and the layout of the peripheral device are directly related to the performance and running state of the whole vehicle, and also affect the performance and efficiency of the controller itself. Different quality controllers, used in the same car, are used to use the same battery in the same charge and discharge state, and sometimes show a larger difference in the driving capacity.
Commonly used electric motors for older electric vehicles are DC motors. There are two types of permanent magnet motors and permanent magnet motors. The rotating part of a motor is called a rotor, and the part that does not rotate is called a stator. The rotor or stator of a permanent magnet motor is a permanent magnet, the other is a lacquer wrapping line, and the rotor and stator of a series excited motor are made of enameled wire.
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